22 janeiro 2008


Conto nos próximos dias colocar aqui uma série dedicada ao pintor Pompílio Hilário Gemuce, com uma entrevista e trabalhos seus. Aguarde.

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Anónimo disse...

Another example:
Namibia: Pristine coastal areas trashed by quads
The Namiibian, Adam Hartman

Large portions of the coast, mostly north of Swakopmund, have been damaged by uncontrolled off-road driving during the festive season, and even tourist aviation operators are now concerned. Upon enquiry, certain flight operators informed The Namibian that the scars left by off-road activity, especially on the beaches north of Swakopmund, are the worst they have ever seen. According to one of the flight operators, Ray Roethlisberger, a group of Canadian tourists who flew along the coast just before the New Year, were utterly shocked at the damage to the environment. "We were very proud of our pristine environment, but now it's being wrecked by off-roading," Roethlisberger told The Namibian. "It is definitely a concern to us because tourists want to see what makes our country so unique and beautiful; not a load of tracks all over the place.
The main culprits are suspected to be quad-bikers. The affected areas consist of pristine wilderness that include Welwitschia and lichen fields, as well as sensitive bird breeding areas.Braby said although contingency plans has been put in place to allow off-roading only in designated areas, off-road enthusiasts did not respect these guidelines, and controlling such activity was very difficult. It is hoped that, after the next series of inspection flights, during which a professional photographer will capture the extent of damage as proof, more would be done to curb wanton off-road destruction in Namibia.

Carlos Serra disse...

Many thanks, Bosses. But I think this isn´t the correct post concerning tourism or "Ponta do Ouro"...Warm regards.